The chase of purpose

Have you ever volunteered or gave and helped someone without any expectant of something in return??When you align your heart and desires with God you don’t feel stress or tired from work because you realize the ultimate goal and reason is for his glory. We get so caught in wanting our life to be a certain way, seeking control rather than having faith and trusting in God’s will which is much better than ours, we want to be the star. Just because an opportunity looks good does not mean you should take it, especially if it’s going to keep you and push you from God. That goes for jobs, relationships, etc, if it is keeping you from growing in your walk with God, it needs to be remove because it will only hold you down and lead you to being stressed with pressure.
When we chase things that are not fulfilling to a purpose we get weighed down with trying to please people and depend on things that can be taken away for happiness. I’m thankful for the woman I am becoming, there is more to life that matters than trying to worry about what others think. From worldly view we get attracted by dollar signs and lust for what looks good, instead of spiritually seeing beyond the surface and notice things get used and are not going to fill a void. I see growth as well as spiritual maturity in myself and recognize that when you work on yourself and realize what’s important as far as value beyond material things, you don’t have to chase fame, or glory, remain humble and you’re work will pay off. When you live life with purpose you don’t have time to waste on meaningless and selfish desires that only distract you from serving and spreading God’s plan of action. I don’t want to just look like a woman of purpose I want to be one, it all starts with you. #heartcheck Do you do things to get attention or notice or are you’re motives pure???
Are you looking out for self or seeing how to be put in a position to help others??
Live with purpose!


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