Today I got pursued and issued a task of being a life coach. I am in my element that being able to connect with a person and assist with over coming a difficult situation is a highly important mission I don’t take lightly. Sadie Daily is more than just posts or copy of quotes, it is more than a blog it’s a journey I want people to experience to spark change, not just change but a positive change, to create peace and stimulate love.
In my focus during one of my sessions I was compelled to speak on affirmations and how they can change your perception of how you feel about yourself. Words have power, more power than you realize. We speak so much over our lives by our thoughts, and words, which lead to actions. Those negative things you don’t like about yourself, for example, you think you are too fat, not pretty, not smart or good enough at something, are not rich, or caring what other people think. What other people say about you should not make or break how you feel deep down inside. Our heart is what we have to guard because everything flows from it, when you allow a person to control and entice you to anger you have given them power. Even just by you thinking negative thoughts you actually start believing it. Once you believe you are not pretty you become insecure and start speaking without realizing the effects it has reflected upon your character. Negative energy and complaining keeps people away from you. Nobody wants to be around someone who talks down all the time. You have to sow seeds of positivity to receive positive vibes.
I am a firm believer that with faith and prayer anything you truly work on and envision can come to past as long you mentally have set that it is possible, of course that’s where God’s work behind the scenes fulfills those desires, we still have to first plant that seed of vision. A task I had my client do, was to write down ten things they loved about themselves (being specific), also writing out goals such as a five year plan. If you don’t know where you want to be in five years you are already there. When you write down those goals it gives you purpose and meaning, as well as something to work towards becoming.
More importantly when wanting to be a positive person, and having a positive life you have to learn to make affirmations over things, which writing down will assist. So I encourage everyone to write up an affirmation of who you are, ex. I am highly favored, I am a great leader, I am born to win, I will not fail, by writing and reciting those affirmations you begin to believe what you speak, and give those words power.
Before you talk be careful of your tongue and any wrath it may cause against you. The scary thing when talking to some people and even myself is when we get so blind and use to doing things, we don’t realize how much we hold ourselves back.
I have attached my recent affirmation, yours may be longer, or shorter, but it should allow for you to speak words into existence.
Thank you for reading this post, I hope you all enjoy this activity of writing affirmations and positive things about yourself. Please check back to the site and share, there are so many old posts written I enjoy looking back on.
I also would love to hear from you so feel free to utilize the contact form.



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