Avoiding drama

They say if you have drama in your life either you are creating it, inviting it, or associating with it. Sometimes we create our own drama by formulating issues instead of coming up with peaceful solutions, ex. worrying about someone else/probing/gossiping, and even looking for an issue off of assumptions. We dig for drama, some people get a thrill from it, which is why reality tv show ratings are thru the roof.
Before you go to thinking about where drama in your life stems from evaluate your lifestyle choices. Yes you have to watch your circle but even more, you have to watch yourself because you can have motives stemming from a hard heart or broken place. Drama comes from jealousy, and doing things out of spite. When you associate with drama and people who create drama, you are basically saying you accept it.
Minding my business, when you focus on handling and working on yourself oh the joys of peace will come, not to say drama and misery doesn’t love company, when it knocks and tea is offered, do not drink.
But hey that’s none of my business!



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