Season to wait

Just because you have not gotten married, a promotion, or even gotten an answer to a prayer does not mean it will never come to past. We make requests but don’t realize that friend that got married how many issues they are having, that promotion your relative got has given them added stress. Be patient when asking God for things, and be prepared for what you ask for. We have to celebrate when others have their season because ours will come in due time so prepare instead of being bitter. By rushing and asking God for things ruins it, we don’t have a purpose or guide and end up going with the motions, because of our need to control every path of our life. It’s ok to ask God for blessings but only if it is in his wills, not our own or because of our neighbors season making us jealous. Your season is and will be your season!!! Be patient and wait until it comes. Every delay is not a denial!
Sadie Daily


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