Wanna bes

There are the bes and you have the wanna bes. The wanna bes have to be seen all the time (attention seekers). The purpose for them being seen is to make themselves look like they are doing something just for “show”. Then you have the bes. The bes are low key in a sense because they actually are putting in work. The bes don’t thirst for attention because they know what they bring to the table. The bes know that no matter what if somebody sees them or not they know exactly who they are. While you are trying to look a certain way online, and are actually being another way in person, discover who you are and what you enjoy doing and do it! Worrying about other people’s opinions steals away from your unique gifts that deserve to be shown and celebrated. You never have to keep up with trends, or focus on impressing people you don’t know, when you have validation of who you are, nobody has to step in and validate you. Stop sweating wanting to be accepted and be you, find out who really is for you, and be free!

Sadie Daily Dose of Reality


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