Birds of a feather

Ever notice the old saying

birds of a feather flock together

and how true it is. As humans we are attracted to people based on relation, (finding something in common to bond over.) Now this common thread can be something as minor as enjoying coffee, to having almost everything in common where you finish each other’s sentences, weird I know. Sometimes it’s a force that brings you together like a common friend, a celebration, or tragedy, whatever it is :/ you form a connection with people based on that.
Here is the tricky part, when you are with your “flock” do you fit in? I mean do you all have the same interests in things to talk about? Are they pushing you to be a better person and challenging you on all levels?? Some people can’t handle big spirits, when you meet people that just want to go out and party all the time, and you are a homebody, not to say you all can not be friends……it’s just that you won’t hang out much…..
Watch your circle and the three closet people you are around. If you hang around 3 millionaires you may end up being the fourth one, yet if you hang out with 3 broke people you may end up broke also. You pick up habits of those you are around, so if you have negative influences be careful because it can rub off on you. Yes you may hang out with people that curse or lie, sooner or later you will take on those habits. Be aware of who you associate with because others associate you with them. Hey positive choices equals a positive life. Negative birds click with people still talking and gossiping, be free and fly the choice is yours. Who’s your flock??? Now go fly!


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