Grace is sufficient

Without grace where would we be?? I mean we all have fallen short, due to the fact that nobody perfect exists. Yet it is amazing how God allows us to turn our mistakes into messages.
Readers, Do not be so harsh on yourself, let God use your mistakes to bring glory to him. Grace over our lives, gives us this undeserving, unworthy, unwavering favor. Its not that I have been an angel, perfect, and never wronged anyone for any blessings I receive.
Grace means simply, I have sinned and I probably will sin again because I am imperfect, but God being perfect loves me so much that he forgives me, that, I know you did wrong, I will love you regardless kind of love.

Isn’t that amazing to know that we are loved that much?? This truly is humbling and should not be taken lightly, by getting into a mindset of let me do what I want to, God will forgive, yet strive to be like God, and understand in your stumbling you have grace that will take you purposely where you need to be.
-Sadie Daily


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