Day refresher

Happy Monday! Normally people hate Mondays because it’s the first day off of the weekend. Yet the thing I like about Mondays is that it gives you a restart of the week, basically giving you a chance to start over and begin a new journey. Monday is a boost to carry out and create a new beginning, there may be something you have always wanted to fulfill you can let go of excuses and live the life you want.

One of GOD’S greatest gifts to us is a Fresh Start. Everyday we get to experience His abounding GRACE & new MERCIES! Make the most of today. Let His LOVE abound greatly!

Regardless to last week, your past, old experiences they do not define you or determine where you are going. Learn from it and begin today as a new start. Yes you may not have pursued your dreams or did everything you intended to, but hey you have today to do it! Make the choice to live in the moment, and take advantage of a new days experience. Live now! Live for today! Forget the past! There’s always tomorrow, but yet you still have today, get started now!
No excuses!
Have a great Monday
-Sadie Daily



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