Focus on the purpose

This week so much has been revealed to me. Life gives you curve balls to bend and grow you not hurt you. Each time you face a struggle or hurdle your faith is being strengthened and tested.
When God sends these test your way will you let it break you or stretch you?

It is a great feeling to live and have a purpose. When you know that you are living for a higher purpose peace is a common nature, and happiness is reoccurring. We may not realize while things are happening, but God is behind the scenes making sure his plan and will is fulfill. Do not try to control every moment or become busy being consumed with worldly distractions. Distractions include trying to compare, compete, and being swayed by others opinions, all of that keeps you from focusing on your race. Everybody has a different race, some people seem to have everything all together and really appear to be taking off, yet do not feel discourage because your time is coming, yes YOUR time, be patient, because if it’s on God’s time it will be perfect. Enjoy life and every moment, worrying about what will I do if this happens kills this very moment in life God created for you to be apart of.

You have a purpose, live it, breathe it, become it, and pray for wisdom and discernment




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