Borrowed time

Ever wonder why you meet the people you meet? It’s like someone crossed your path, and made an everlasting impact on you. Well each of us were sent down for a purpose, do not waste any bit of your life being mad, sweating the little things, or worrying. Each breath we take is precious and you never know when it very well could be your last. Even on your healthiest day you could be called home. We have expiration dates, no one knows when our moment will come but you must not take anyone or anything for granted. Forgive that person, appreciate those around you, say I love you, make time, before you have regrets, and I wish I would have moments, Do IT Now!!!!!!!! Live don’t just exist, life is too short to not relish and soak up everything. Travel, play, love, enjoy it all. I promise the world doesn’t owe you a thing.



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