How do you define your blessings?? Is it when you feel you have acquired a certain amount of assets?? Or is it defined by your health and strength?? I take it that material things can be blessings, but those are not the only things that should get you excited. Having a heart beat is a blessing, having eyes that see is a blessing, you may say your car or your clothes are a blessing, but don’t forget about you having limbs to function to fit those outfits, and drive that car. Don’t focus on one aspect of blessings and let that define it for you, because what if you lose the house, the money runs out??? Where do you find peace?? If material things, having a significant other etc makes you happy, how will you find peace when it is taken away. Don’t put all of your trust and hope in things, appreciate every bit of life for what it is. It is a blessing to even witness life and realize where it all comes from. You realize how bless you are when you don’t count how much is in your bank account, the car, etc the luxurious material things are nice but I find blessings in bundles of joy, divine connections, relationships, gains and losses, yes a loss can work in your favor bc you learn from every experience….you learn life is more than looking fly its about looking out….brighten someone’s day be that sunshine they need, you have a purpose beyond likes on social media #donttakeitlight #donttakeforgranted #sadiedaily #love #live #laugh #inspire #mybundle #teamkali #actions #lesswords #bethepersonyoudesire #growing




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