There is a difference

As I get older I recognize how there are some people that build and feed into my ego. They put me on this pedestal now nothing is wrong with positive affirmations but it sometimes can keep you away from your purpose. My purpose is not to make my self look so good, strong, powerful, and smart, to a point where I am better than anyone else. I want to inspire and influence positive change, that no matter where you are from you can embody success. What feeds your soul?? Giving back to others, appreciating the little things, putting yourself first to take care of others, and striking intellectual conversations about the issues of the world and how to end world hunger. I am moved beyond words and attention to do something bigger, bigger than a blog, be around those who challenge you and make you do better, and not just tell you you are the best and there is nothing else to improve on. Be challenged!!! You can do it, and be taken to higher levels! Let God use you.
Peace and Love



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