Sacrifices have to made, like the cliché in order to get what you have never had you have to do what you have never done….live how most people won’t for some years, simply by taking a more modest toned down lifestyle approach, so you can live like most people can’t. This is some advice I have been taken for myself. Being 23 I get so caught up in wanting everything to be figured out now, I get so caught up in what it should be like and not letting the journey bring me to what is suppose to transpire….patience is key.

In regards to lifestyle and money I feel the problem today in society is that people get so caught in what shimmers without taking in consideration the proper awareness of if they can afford it. Yes you may need a new car, but getting a luxury vehicle can put you in years of debt right now. Why struggle??? We are given wisdom to make sound decisions, do not act off of impulse but in everything pray and a way will be given. Have faith but make sure you work for it more than you want it, that’s with anything.

Have a great week! And remember if it’s meant for you it will be.



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