Stop it

Hi blog readers! As we close 2014 start prepping for 2015. Some things that I feel we should avoid to begin our best days is stop playing victim. Why suffer and feel bad?…..forgive yourself and forgive others, holding grudges and being bitter will only take away from your happiness. Another thing to start now to prep for the new year is settling for mediocrity. You will never receive blessings when you invalue who you are as a person. In order to be great you have to think of yourself as being great, it all starts with a thought and then actions to be great to others. Lastly let’s be open to new things, look into other cultures, try to understand people more rather than criticize, let’s love more and appreciate those we encounter. Every experience we go through enables us to act upon our faith and help us to learn more about ourselves, never cease learning in 2015. Thanks again for an amazing year.


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