The standard

Are expectations really bad? Lately in several of my conversations we get into the discussion of expectations. Is it ok to have expectations? I always looked at having expectations as a way of setting yourself up for being let down. Yet without expectations how can you have measurements, expectations can be a good thing when upholding certain standards. If we lived in a world without expectations we would not hold anyone or ourselves in a high esteem. Expectations for myself are good, it gives me something to measure and strive for, without having expectations you settle for mediocrity, end up making poor decisions and caring less about yourself. No I won’t accept half of anything, or being average, I expect better from my self, so no settling. I caught myself getting stressed because I felt so many people held me to such a high standard, placing me on a pedestal and always speaking highly of me, fearing not living up to it. Yet I had to realize it’s an honor to be expected to achieve greatness, you should not want to be mentioned or expected to not live up to certain things. For instance if you fail it shouldn’t be expected, strived for better, reach your full potential, you are capable of doing great things! Take those expectations and allow for it to set you up for greatness, not stress about the what if I fails, what if you do more than you thought, dream bigger! Expect more, achieve more! No settling for I can’t and I won’t be able to! You can!



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