Want to be happy??

The answer to the question of how to become happy is simple….you! The moment you stop worrying about what others have to say, or outside influencers the happier you become. Be happy with who you are, the person you are becoming, by meditating on the fact you can create your own happiness. Start living for yourself and not what others expect you to live like. You will never be happy if you let everything bother you, things are going to happen, troubles are going to come, trust that when weapons form they won’t prosper. Be happy for a new day to live, a new day to make new choices, and learn, because you are able to strive for new heights, don’t take that lightly. Feeling down, think about who you are and how loved you are, you were designed with a purpose to fulfill not anyone else is designated, why not be happy!? You say a billion dollars will make you happen, love, or a better job, well let’s say you get it, that void of empty and sadness won’t go away. That’s why when you see truly happy people they can have only one penny but the biggest smile. You have every reason to be happy right where you are so don’t wait for someone to make you happy, make that choice today it’s all about perception.



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