The influencer

Going into the new year everyone begins to make plans for resolutions. This year I opted out of having a resolution. My main focus was to put plans into action. Sometimes being optimistic can cause the same course as negativity of nothing being done, for example one who says there is no point in doing nothing because of xyz (negative) and everything will fall into place so I’m going to do nothing (positive), different attitudes same results, so this year let 2015 be about action.
Life will pass by and situations will never change if there is no plan of action. If you want to better your situation you have to take control. You say you want to save more, or improve your spiritual growth, well are you being influenced, or are you the influencer? Another question to ask is Are the people you associate with bringing you closer to your goals for the new year or holding you back? If it is hard for you to focus and you are not yet strong enough to balance, it may be time to separate yourself from distractions. Now cutting out people and things that don’t mean you well as far as growing into the new year, then some order must be put in place. Stem out any bad weeds that hinder growth, including a non action mindset and flourish.
Let 2015 be great!



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