I was having a conversation with some coworkers about how society today is so conditioned to thinking life is an ordered timeline. Like you have to in this order, go to school, graduate, get married, find a job, have kids, and so on. It is like we have these plans in our minds playing out before we even know who we are and our purpose. We all have different paths and directions to take in life yet that doesn’t mean you are living wrong or that you are a bad person. Even if you get led to doing things earlier or later in life it’s no time frame. Life is a journey and all about experiences, you may have gotten married early and divorced, but you learned something, you may have had kids and left school to later return, but it made you who you are today. Do not pressure yourself to finish life at certain age, or compare it to someone else’s. Each day is a new start to become who you want to be. You will be miserable trying to have every little detail planned out! Just live!



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