Sadie Daily:: The Struggle With Being Bi-Racial

"Cue The Rant!"

By my picture you can tell I am all mixed up. You would think that the life of a bi-racial person in America would be more common but it’s not. It depends on the location. And when it comes to being bi-racial, I’m pretty sure I have heard it all. All my life I’ve been asked by many people if I was everything from Hispanic to Middle Eastern to even Indian. So growing up was quite confusing. I started going through an identity crisis trying to figure out where I fit in when I was younger! I never understood why it was so important for people to figure out what I was mixed with!
I’m an interesting case because I’m not mixed with the common black and white. I’m mixed with black and Iranian. And the big thing about being mixed with black is that sometimes you don’t fit in because…

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