Heart Check 

You have two choices to decide of how you will be today either bitter or better. Don’t let how someone reacts to you or treat you cause you to be bitter. Learn to forgive others, because holding on to what someone’s wrong towards you causes you to have a bitter attitude without even realizing it.  Forgive & Move On 

I remember a time when I could be easily offended and take things done personally, which would make me think internally maybe it’s me or something I did. When in actuality beating yourself up is not going to change the situation. Complaining to that person only brings more attention to the problem, and feeds into more negative than positive. Pray for that person, and check your heart to love inspite and not take offense. By practicing those habits of replacing ranting and nagging with love and forgiveness I have a renewed and refreshing peace. 

I realize you can’t allow others to control your feelings sand give them power to stir you into reacting a certain way. Be strong and steadfast by controlling your behavior and looking over others faults. I mean think about all the times we have wronged God and how he continues to love and forgive us. God doesn’t agree with our ways, but he is so just he gives us a choice. I am so glad to have a role model that I can look to for a guide and show me how to check my heart and love others the same as he does me.

Be patient



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