What we live in……

We live in a generation that always proclaims nobody is loyal, trust nobody, people play games, its hard to find somebody genuine, there is no thing such as true love anymore. Well if we are believers, we believe in this very crazy thing called love. Love never fails, it believes all things, and hopes all things. Yes love endures, it is not provoked, and it does not behave rudely. Love (suffers long), I see I may have lost some people by now. See we want to experience love, but are we truly ready to bear and endure for it? Love does not envy, and rejoices in the truth. I believe there is a difference in mature love and childish love, playing games are for children. If you want to experience love you have to deal with good days and bad, and not lose faith. I always admire seeing older couples and wonder their secret, I can imagine, the key word Love has a major part in it. So before you continue regarding love in a negative manner, check your heart. Are you genuine? Be true to your self and allow God to intercede on your behalf.

Peace & Love

Sadie Daily IMG_0190


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