Why Complain?

This week I have been running across messages and words steering towards growth, preparedness, purpose, and gratefulness. In order to go to the next level we have to realize where we are is a blessing and take it serious, meaning what you are doing now is only preparing you for your mission. If you don’t get the purpose for why you are doing your job, you will stay there because of your mentality of thinking this is where you will always be. God wants us to grow spiritually, mentally, and financially, but if we don’t have the faith paired up with the works, we won’t be able to go where he needs us to be or have the realization of opportunity to bless others because of doubt and complaints of not having “enough”. 
I have grown and not realized it but others looking afar have pulled me aside to say how they have noticed change. When you find yourself growing you look at things differently. So to anyone that feels like they are stuck in a dry spot in life, feeling unfulfilled, pause…..take time to appreciate rather than complain. People will kill to have the job you complain about, the parent you say gets in your nerves, etc. Those challenges are getting you ready for that blessing, the little hurdles, are giving you strength. 

We have to speak life into our goals, and dreams. You may have dated jerks, but speak out loud to find a compatible mate, you may have a miserable job, proclaim finding your dream job, learn from every journey and experience. Let life grow you, not make you bitter. This week, keep the faith, why complain?, when each day is a chance to get closer to your destiny. Proclaim it!!!


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