Today women have made so many strides in regards to being independent, taking leadership roles in the workforce, and having dominating ideas. Now to most men this is intimidating and causes a turn off, and makes one coward away. As a man, it is the guy’s role to lead, and to be the head of household and guide his family. I don’t think women having power moments is a bad thing in today’s culture, the problem is not women striving to have more equality in work and pay, and domestic duties, but the problem stems from my opinion, guys not wanting to lead. 

Having a strong, smart, supportive woman, is not something you should  shy away from. 

Instead of trying to control and restrict a woman by thinking she should serve, understand the role and know that a leader serves, they are having to provide and make sure that their team is taken care of, and are held accountable.

Ephesians 5:23 states that wives are to submit to their husbands. This gets so misconstrued because we have women not wanting to submit, and men not giving women something to submit to. You can’t live wild, and go against the word, and expect to have a wife submit to you. How are you going to be disrespectful, when he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and receives favor from the Lord. 

I am not saying don’t fix your man plate, being married is like being on a team and doing things out of love, it’s always about using any given moment to give. 

#fixyourmanplate2015 #proverbs31 #lead #submit 


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