Gracefully Appreciating!


I find it easy to get ungrateful for things, especially small things. I am so use to having shoes, I don’t remember ever a time when I didn’t have shoes. Like I just wake up and know I will have access to a pair of shoes. Now I never am claiming to be rich, I may not have always had a name brand pair, but a pair of shoes at least.

Imagine complaining about shoes we have that aren’t the latest edition…while there is someone who can’t wear shoes because of a lost of a foot or feet, crazy right? So the value of a $1000 shoe next to a body part missing is greater??…..hmmm lets do some thinking here… you value having something flashy, versus just being grateful you are able to walk?


When we get used to things our appreciation almost deteriorates in a sense because we don’t value it as much. We don’t appreciate our lives, granted that we are created to share and inspire, we don’t value ourselves by what we indulge in and accept….what I am getting at is that we simply have lost our will of thankfulness.

Thank God more! 

We don’t value our neighbors, we don’t value the work being put on behind the scenes that make everything flow. Taking for granted every mechanism around us, will shake us when that one piece is missing, or if we are to ever go with out. We recognize something is missing when that part, or member stops functioning more than when we had it because of our mindsets of expectations.

We expect things to happen! 

Having to have gone without makes you appreciate more, and having to sacrifice and know of someone who has sacrificed for you to have something, makes you appreciate it all the more. Our freedom lies on the shoulders of someone who worked hard so that we didn’t have to, yet we get in an ungrateful mode of being used to OUR way. What if you woke up and had no shoes, while complaining that we don’t have a pair of “red bottoms” (Louboutin). Just like anything in life, we don’t own any of it, in the blink of an eye God can remove people, and those things you “value”, then what?

Appreciate what you have, be thankful for what God has done, and make daily affirmations of what will be by speaking favor! 

Be thankful now and appreciate everyone moment, &&  accept those blessings not because of being good and deserving but because of GRACE

Peace & Love


Photo Cred:// Sneakerboxx Street Photography


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