Good Will

Learning how to say no can be beneficial in ways. I can sense growth when I am able to walk away from distractions disguised as “opportunities”. It is easy to get caught in wanting the quick way, and scheme to find a way to the top, yet when you have integrity and not go with every deal, you set yourself up as a leader, and business person who is well trusted. Not to say that we haven’t made mistakes, because risks are what it is all about in business, but when creating your brand, people you associate with, deals that you do, have a reflection on your character. Are you one to conduct business for a show, attention, or greed, or are you wanting to be of service to people, and good will? When you are out to con others and deceive, you are sowing seeds, that you will later reap, yes having the spotlight looks good, but whenever Sadie Daily Media becomes this powerhouse mecca for creative digital media and tech ventures, I want it to be sown on good will, not by lies and cheating the system.

When you are walking in your purpose you don’t have to chase down opportunities, God will place people and things in your life to help in assisting to make your vision come to life. We distract ourselves from our destiny by rushing, and trying to do everything by ourself as well as talking ourself out of pursuing our dreams. Take a moment, smell the roses, it will happen in due time, and if it doesn’t happen right now, be content, continue operating on faith, even when people doubt and call you crazy, because a breakthrough will come. Saying no, and being told no, will get you closer to that perfect yes you have been praying for.



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