Being Powerful


We are powerful beings. So powerful we can bring life and destroy things with our thoughts and words. Without question, have you ever thought about something, I mean really sought out for it, you ultimately got it of course. I recall praying, my biggest thing I wanted back in highschool was to go to college, no loans, no debt. Of course I one had to believe, have faith, put in actual work, and know within myself I was capable of doing it. With God nothing is impossible, because he is within us, the only thing stopping us from being great is ourselves.
Doubt, negative thinking, and belittling others holds you back. When you think positive, believe in your passion, and empower others, people and opportunites will draw to you, open up things, want to help you get ahead, and stop at no ends.
I am not just making a feel good post, simply sharing a testimony. I have seen wonders that have occurred, things that have worked out on my behalf, because I did not let up when obstacles came. Yes I got what I prayed for, match your heart, with your works, and keep striving.
We are created to be conquerors, so stop thinking small, go for bigger. If I can receive it, so can YOU!!!

Go be powerful!


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