Thursday Dose: A fufilled Life

Sadie Daily: Thursday Thoughts


Are you living your life?

Lets start with  What does it mean to live your life?

Well…do you focus alot on past decisions and beat yourself up?

Are you unhappy and feel stuck at a dead end?

Or do you look at each new day as a fresh start?

You are confident and optimistic about where you are heading based off of present moments?

Answering these questions open up the conversation piece for living a fufilled life.

The biggest trigger point to ceasing to live your life to the fullest is wasting time worrying about factors that don’t matter and won’t contribute beneficially. Factors such as, what other people think, outside opinions, and your own self doubt. Its good to get good sound advice time to time, but who is your source? Is your circle pisitive and uplifting?

If you feel you are better and smarter than the people you are around, you need to get in a new group. The best way to grow and reach new heights is to expand from people who are on the level you are or below. If you want to own a house, a business, or be a millionaire, surround yourself with those people. The best way to live, is living the life you want, rather than settling because you have common ground (mediocrity).

Explore, take on challenges, seek to learn something new. Stop doing the regular or just enough and complain about your life being at a standstill. Stop going with the flow and change the flow.

You are the boat, the only person to blame for not setting sail is….YOU.

Stop blaming and start changing your mind set from thinking average to dreaming bigger.

Your value does not decrease because someone can’t see your worth. Go forth today in confidence knowing you were created on purpose for a purpose. You possess a gift that does not have to be defined by others.

Be great!

Peace & Love
Sadie Daily


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