The elephant dream

They say you can’t eat an elephant in one bite, I’m sure you’ve heard of that? An elephant would be hard to eat…but you can do it, if you focus, and use every effort to make it happen.
If it doesn’t scare you to bite into your dream it’s not big enough. Rather than expecting to eat the elephant in one bite, break down your dream in tiny goals to accomplish it. We get frustrated because we are expecting things to happen instantly, but it’s those tiny successes that lead into those big wins.
Michael Jordan didn’t just wake up and win championships, it took him even getting cut from the high school team to reach that point, and playing basketball repeatedly to get his skills better.
Can you believe someone told Oprah she would never be in front of a tv and to give it up, crazy I know. Well just like you they had a dream, people doubted, and will forever doubt, but that doesn’t mean you should listen. Where would they be if they listened? I can imagine they would probably be unhappy filled with regret.

Remember they will say you can’t eat an elephant, but you can, one bite at a time. Just like the other people who have accomplished their dreams, they did it with faith, hardwork, and constant tiny bites.

Will you listen to others? Or will you stay hungry and eat?

This week keep believing and taking a bite towards your dream!



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