Make it Happen

Everything happens for a reason……

I used to always say that quote above. Yet as I get older, I  realize how accountable I am for my decisions. The sooner I recognized the power that rested on my choices and the affects it has on me and others, the more I decided to take more ownership. Yes I understand my life has a path layed out, but nonetheless I have a choice to make in every situation.

Things happen, yes this is true, but when things happen you can choose to take a passive approach and go with the flow, or take on an active approach, and declare I am not going to continue living this way. Take control of your thoughts, and stay on focus on your dreams. Make it happen, don’t just let things happen, if you want love start loving, if you want money, start thinking smarter, and working, if you want loyalty be trustworthy. Don’t wait for someone to hand you your dream life, CREATE it by living each day the way you want to!

Make it happen, by making choices, not making excuses!


Peace & Love

As always

Sadie Daily


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