Sadie Daily:: Don’t Let The Media Control Your View Of The World

"Cue The Rant!"


Are you like me and still wondering what happened to Ebola? Are you wondering why a black and blue/white and gold dress is all over the internet? But are these headlines really breaking news or just fillers to distract everyone from real issues and situations?

Media-ControlWe let media control so much of how we view the world. It’s been like this since the start of media. Stuff used to be so serious one week then all of the sudden people don’t remember what was mass hysteria just a week ago.

We need to start investigating and finding out information for ourselves. Yes you can invest time studying up a dress, making very profound discoveries on colors, fabrics, lightning, but did you know last month was February and it was Black History Month and Garret Morgan patented the revamped sewing machine?

We can watch every award show and complain about all…

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