All lives matter?



I haven’t spoke much on any political issues lately, or stated my opinion on a lot of the media stories either. My reasoning is due to the fact that I rather bring attention to the good things going on. Yes, it is written that “nations will rise against nations”, so all of the stories of injustice, crime, and hate are no surprise. We are big to state we are Christians, and to promote peace, when it affects us, or gives superiority to a certain group, because being honest nobody wants to associate with any kind of bad will.

I am one that stands by all who are hurting, but I will not ever think that one group of people is better than another, regardless to race, or location.

We create popular tags to state all lives matter, and to love everyone, but are we truly practicing what we put online?? The news was never meant to give out truth, and peace, but to form an opinion. I believe that getting too deep into a matter can cause unneeded stress, and strain, and not saying anythings, means you agree.

Well I don’t agree, everyone has the right to there own voice, but we don’t have control over another person’s motive, for all I know me smiling, can cause me to get shot, because of evil intent in someone’s heart.

There is a reason why violence is spreading, maybe if we look deeper, we can see that God is trying to get our attention.

Change your heart, change your life


Peace & Love


Sadie Daily


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