Designer bags, mink coats, vip to the hottest parties, and the finest lobster served at the best restaurants………sounds amazing huh?? One would say that is some life whoever is living has.

Well, I would rather eat ramen noodles, knowing that I am in good health, and be surrounded by love, then to eat lobster with sharks, and die alone.

Its always a constant battle between the flesh…..I am not saying anything is wrong with having nice things, by all means, I feel that if you have been blessed, you should brag about the blesser (God), more than the items. I don’t give God nearly as much credit as I should, and no its not being over religious, but people are drawn by your story. If you only knew that I would be lost, and probably on the streets, if I had not had faith in God then you would know why I stress this matter. Theres always a journey and lesson to take from every moment in life. All of the hard work you have put in amounts to what?? What are you truly living for and why?? #whatsyourpurpose??

I read something today, “Our eulogies won’t be about the money we made, our awards, and job titles, but instead the footprints we left in the heart of others.”

How much is enough. How many assets does it take for you to acquire, how many hours do you have to work to be satisfied, what material things do you need to really be fulfilled?

Is your life not worth more than the hours slaving to afford bills to have a roof?

When asked on the value and enjoyments of life,If you were to rank security, money, family, love, and peace, what will be first, what will be last??

Are you happy with where you are in life?? If you answered no, stop right there. Count the small blessings, and not count what others “blessings” are compared to yours.

The things not seen, can be the most fulfilling, for example, love, and peace. Don’t die, knowing you wasted a lifetime worrying about getting rich, love others, and gain wisdom, life’s too precious to be miserable trying to keep up with the “Jones”. Every delay, just means not right now….as long as God has his hand over it….only goodness can come from it.

Peace & Love

Sadie Daily


Now go get those blessings and remember who gave it! ; )




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