Enjoy right now!


Have you ever wondered where stress and unhappiness stems from? From the looks of things, if you are online reading this, I would say you are doing better than millions of other people, who one can not read, two don’t have a device to read from, or three can’t understand how to operate mentally and physically from a place other than a hospital bed.
Be thankful!
Yeah you may be swamped in loans, in debt up above your head, and working a busted job you hate going to every morning, but thats not where you will be forever. If we all had the mindset that saw only where we are in life currently and let it define us, we would be miserable.
It life we all struggle and go through crap we don’t understand, but later on come to appreciate it.
To the woman who the doctor said will never have kids, to the teen struggling to get a GED, and everyone has written off, these situations breed miracles.
Let God work a miracle in you.
Celebrate whats to come and where you are now. Yes you may not have your law degree now, but where you are, being in school, or working to pay for school will get you there. Don’t wait until you have accomplished the goal to celebrate. Each day you wake up should be enjoyed because you have a new start to make it happen.
I know I am going to be a millionaire and a big time mogul, but for now I am going to enjoy this moment. 🙂
Claim your Victory and celebrate the journey. Don’t wait until you finish to get excited. Get excited now about your dreams. Do not get discouraged!!!
Enjoy today and everyday
Peace and Love
Sadie Daily



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