To Be Or Not to Be

Once you reach a certain spiritual level in life. Things get revealed to you. Life is unfolded in front of you, and instead of being lost, searching for peer approval, or doubting faith, and getting fooled by those who have intentions to harm you, (you’re covered). Its like a blindfold is released and you suddenly walk through trouble waters, but every attack is blocked.

There are times when I am just blown by how protected I am. With so much crime and hate going on, I am able to be surrounded by love, and even in times of obstacles, I am strong enough to be a leader, and wise enough to go forward. I credit my journey of growth, to being at a stage in my life, that was built from early on prayer, and grateful seeds sown.

I don’t want to outdo anyone. My goal in life is not to be able to say I am better than so and so. I believe we are all equal, and able to have anything we ever dreamed as long as we believe. I want to only compete with pushing “myself” to give and love more (gain wisdom and share wisdom) the after results are overflowing literally ….

Because I could care less about the car I drive, place I live, or what I wear, God always makes sure I have everything I need and moreeeeeee. Even before I had what I have, I never wanted more than anyone else. I want to always be in a position to bless others. Sometimes just your presence is a blessing, and the life you live touches others, in such a way they can’t help but be blessed too.

We live in a  reward “status” society so its hard to want others to do better and pray for them more than ourself because we have an “image”. I can’t expect for certain people to have my back, because they are so scared to help me that they will fall behind or have my back for the wrong purpose (don’t help me rob a bank, help me go in a bank and start a business)…..crazy mindsets of the world I tell you…..”Do nothing out of selfish ambition or empty pride, but in humility consider others more important than yourselves.”#sowseeds #behumble #staylifted


Greater is coming.



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