WTF What the Flint

I think its great seeing my timeline of social media filled with gofundmes and donations for water to Flint, MI. While that is great I think its terrible something as simple as water is not supplied without harming citizens who work and pay taxes……in AMERICA!!! My thoughts go something like this… Why not invest in a clean water system, these are people not labrats!

I have met a couple of people from Flint, MI.  It is always interesting getting an inside look at the water crisis from their perspective. From what I am told it has been going on for far longer than the news headlines of contamination. Though we are in America and in it together, my heart goes out…. and I wonder if its a tragedy to everyone else???

Its sad that there are countries without water, but the fact that it happened so closed to me is scary. We lean on the government to protect not poison. The lady I met hasn’t been home in months because its not safe. This takes human rights to another level!! So there is one area with safe clean water, but because the city of Flint is more ridden of lower class its not deserving?? Drinking water is something I took for granted, when there are people who are citizens like myself thirsty, for a simple bottle of water……wow I am beyond devastated.

Lets pray for one another and a country, that has been fueled lately with hate and selfishness…..
Lets love 2.14.16 365
Sadie Daily



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