And the Grammy goesssss to

The Gammy’s, one of the biggest nights in music…..

As an observer and lover of music I got to catch certain highlights of the annual awards show. There were two things that I wanted to discuss that stood out to me that many may have overlooked.
Ok, first thing first, I am guilty, I like Taylor Swift, she has some good catchy songs, I like her music. I think its cool what she is doing at her age and for her genre. Yet, I want to pinpoint some commentary, though Kanye West, did interrupt her moment some years ago.  The more I see how the show cuts certain speeches, I recognize why he said something, and why there are award shows like Bet and NAACP. I don’t condone interrupting, yet on certain platforms its obvious Africans in music is not celebrated or recognized. I like what Taylor said about how people who love you will be there to support you when you become successful.
Its not to take away from any other artists that won, but without NAACP, how else can someone from a different genre or background receive song or album of the year and get that love/support??

HBCUs and organizations to advanced blacks were not created out the blue to separate people and be racist, it was a response to racism to show that since “we” are not accepted here, so we will create our own to support each other.

Another thing I noticed was for Uptown Funk, which to me is the biggest song of our generation. I have never seen where a producer gets credit for the song over the artist. In my opinion regardless to writers, the artist executes the song, and Bruno Mars, did that amazingly. I don’t feel he got all of his deserved credit, seeing how the producer took over the spotlight. What about the producers on other songs?? Why not give Bruno that moment???
Well those are my thoughts. In order to change something you have to acknowlege it. The change I want is for equality, respect and due diligence to the African race for contributions.

Peace and Love
Continued Happy Black History Month 🙂


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