Can you pay my bills???

From the desk of Sadie Daily:

The media has been heavy and my timeline has been shaking with fuel against the bill issued in MS. I have not read through the bill yet so excuse my ignorance. From what I have read via social media, it entails that someone can refuse to service someone due to their lifestyle choices. Being a resident of MS, there is a lot of negative that can be said, I mean the pipes are bad, streets are bad, the cost of living can be too high, wages too low, and your chances of living….lets not even get started. I am not here to put anyone on blast or to promote any negative imagery, but I do believe it is a sign. We have to realize that when you are not of the world, people are going to strife against you. It doesn’t matter if people choose to not love you, love them anyway…why because God loves us.

I am a businesswoman and a believer. I have morals, but at the same token will not stop loving others or decide to not handle business with someone because of their actions. I am judged by what I do, if someone is gay doesn’t mean I have to hate them, the only way to end agression is to love people. The reason why things fall apart is because we choose to hate instead of uplifting.  

You can tell alot about a tree by the fruit they bear. So if we were to be honest, nobody is ever going to be perfect, so why try to condemn someone when we have alot of issues to work on ourselves. Lets build up and stop destroying…..well maybe starting over isn’t so bad.

Rehab ✌❤



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