Motivation for me…..


I get asked all the time about where do I get my ambition from? Well, if you knew how much potential you possess to create a lifestyle that has no limits, you would be pushed to turn into a go-getter too.

Since I was younger, I am talking old enough to speak and write, so approximately 3rd grade….. I knew I wanted to be a business woman.  I loved the feeling of creating and providing services people enjoy. My focus then was money not people, I even had business cards that said “Money Taker”. Little did I know, someone who is driven off passion, not greed, can attract people who will  build your business.

My work ethic helped me to decide what I wanted to do. Everything led me back to the arts, no its not money driven but purpose, thus the creation of Sadie Daily Media.

If you work 40hrs for someone be prepared to work double for yourself. I am sure you wouldn’t mind working for yourself, because odds are you will fall in love with your work.
What I hate about society is that so many of us are trained to be only employees,” it’s safe and guaranteed”….. to an extent. We are pushed to go to college to work for someone to make median wages. In reality, your boss can fire you, cut your hours, or decide to end your pension plan, then what??

I have been approached by people on several different occassions on how to own a business. Yes they are scared, they think it will cost alot…etc. This is exactly why I am writing to you all now, simply to educate.
If you want to get out of the rat race, the time is now!  As far as cost, with us being in the digital world, you don’t have to leave home, because your customer base is around you via cell phone #boom. If you want to have a free lifestyle let me know It takes hard work, I would be lying to say its easy.  The long nights will be worth it though in the end.




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