To understand the world

In order to understand the world you must understand a place like Mississippi. Yes there have been opportunities and cries to leave, but for some reason with all the backs turnt, the city needs me. Well really if you ask me this is a world crisis. Just like back during the civil rights era, MS was the root to the change. Now with problematics such as lead in water in Jackson and corrupt politics, not much is different than other lower urban areas. How is it that we let politics run us before our eyes Yes now the laws and powers are being passed. It rests on us, the people to wake up and not settle for basic. People work in Jackson and make their money, then go on to surrounding areas to spend those tax dollars and investments. The capital city will never be the next top city if we don’t value and respect it. There should be a law around that.

Power in the making. “A threat to justice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere”


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