If I ruled the world: Part I

Hmmm what are my desires?…..well I want to fund schools by taxing marijuana, instead of paying bucks for prisons to continue to thrive. Sounds hopeful for a economic boost huh, well if you realize children nationally are poorly educated, this would be a good means of funding. Maybe if we invested more in our streets and “urban” developments, prison wouldn’t be the only alternative. With extracurricular activities put in place, there would be afterschool programs to nuture busy kids, that without the lack of role models, turn into locked up adults, “missing in their children’s life and not contributing to society.”

We legalize laws and read the bible to fit our lifestyles, where it only benefits us and make us appear “perfect”. I am no saint, because without grace, I would be a “statistic”. I don’t have to follow politics and amen every bill passed, because the greatest commandment is, love, and to love all and not judge.

Our conomy would thrive, I believe, if only, we help others help themselves, to push ahead. If we are being biblical, Jesus loved prostitutes, the poor people we turn our nose up at, and the drug addicted straggler that made one wrong step.

Lets not just spit bible verses, lets put action behind words, and show light in our lifestyles, not darkness and judgement by hateful actions. This status is my speech for social justice, and promotion of not wanting to keep people down, who only need a chance, to see a heart, to feel loved.

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