Views: Quality of Life


There can be a curse to living long, some will say. I mean, if throughout life you were able to be independent, now all of a sudden you are miserable because you can’t think, move, or function without someone… be saddening. Lately I have been having tea nights with my granny, where with my nutrition company I get green tea for us to brew, and chat. It is in these little moments, I gain my wisdom.
Sometimes we don’t realize how blessed we are. I chatted with a friend this morning, whose father is 91. He is healthy, but in a nursing home, due to dementia. She described it like cancer, because he could be so independent, if he didn’t have that condition.
It makes me think about the conversation I started about how my grandmother is 89. She is independent to an extent, but mind is so sharp. Yesterday, after working, I decided to ask her questions about highschool etc. It lite her face up to talk about her childhood. I enjoyed hearing her stories, because it made me so grateful. I can talk to my grandmother, and understand her, and even learn about her prom etc. She remembers everything down to the dress. Its times like these, I am blessed to be alive and create memories to share with my kids.
Moments like those you can’t pay for. I don’t know about you all that get so busy with life, that you can’t smell the roses, or check in with loved ones. I am fortunate and blessed through her stories, though she ridicules my business ideas haha, I am going to make sure she sees me hit a million, so I be like “I told ya.”
Hearing about nursing home horrors, and elderly accidents, softens my heart,  so, I take a breath, and sigh, Thank you God for giving me roses. What did you stop and value this week??? Little reminders come in to confirm ny blessings I get to witness everyday, can’t wait for tea time again tonight!




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