A new day=Progress


I am so grateful for another day to get better. I started my Sunday off by relaxing. Yes, I enjoyed resting. It is good to take a breath, I mean really inhale. Life passes by so fast, and next thing you know…..it’s Monday.

Its okay to take a break, but don’t sleep or quit on yourself!

People will look at you, and judge you because of yesterday. I am so glad, God woked me up today, and reminded me, I am not my past faults. I am a new beginning, that has a bright tomorrow. Regardless to how you feel currently, you are a work in progress.

For every morning you wake up, you have a choice to keep going. A new day means, it is a chance to refresh, and progress forward. Trust me, you are not a finished master piece yet. 😉

Enjoy your week and make sure it’s progressive.




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