Sadie Daily gets PHYSICal

​Recently, I had the chance to connect with an inventor friend and discuss  quantum physics……and it is interesting how applicable it can be in social life. 

I’ll elaborate….Our observation affects how matter functions. 

If you observe or measure something (electrons), it will give you a point to measure. Yet, when you are not observing those electrons, they are moving in various motions in orbit. Which leads back to the scientific reasoning that observation collapses the wave function of that electron. 

After noticing how electrons act, it reminded me that I can control things just by my observation! So if I focus on bad things, my reality will be bad things, if I focus on the good things, I will magnify the good in my life.

We are so powerful we can merely think of something, have faith, and it can be so. 

Our thoughts determine our reality. 

The more you talk about your problems, you feel more stressed, agree???

What is your focus on?

We speak life into our problems, especially when we look at the issues and not the answers. 

Are you measuring how far you have come or how much you have to go??

This week I challenge you to change your focus, and how you observe your view on life.

Peace & Love 

Sadie Daily 

Ps. I am no scientist, so please research and draw your own conclusions about physics :). 


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