Don’t drop the ball😣😣

Vollyball is such a fun team sport. Each person has a place to guard/stand just like in life. If you are not in your spot, you….. drop the ball. This week while you are at work or at home think about “your” team. 

Playing your part rather small or big still helps with the overall goal. 

From raising kids, cooking a meal, or finishing a class project, we have roles assigned that matter. 
The tv show you watch has roles also, and it includes more than the stars. There are writers, production teams, camera operators, and viewers that impact the entire show. If someone decides not to write the script, what will the actors say? 

We all play roles and it’s our responsibility at various places, be it, community, job, etc. to impact others. Your role may seem minor, but if you were to stop working, somebody will notice. 

Do not down play your contributions. Continue doing your part, because every bit counts.

Don’t drop the ball

Stay ready to get all the opportunities coming your way. When you are living in your purpose, standing still, being dead, affects the destiny meant for you.
Go live in action by living in your purpose.

So much awaits!❤✌



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