October Tales


Happy Halloween! 

We talk a lot about trick or treating, but October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

*****2 Million Injuries & 1,300 Deaths Are Caused Each Year As A Result Of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone and affects everyone.

Domestic Violence includes Threats, Verbal Abuse & Any Force During An Argument . It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Physical Abuse. It’s When One Person Tries To Dominate & Control The Other & It Does Not Discriminate. It Occurs Within All Age Ranges , Ethnic Backgrounds & Economic Levels. And While Women Are More Commonly Victimized, Men Are Abused Too, Especially Verbally & Emotionally.

If You’re Going Through This Keep Your Faith…..

Break The Silence, STOP The Violence!


Stats and Info contributed by Ebony Harris



Peace & Love



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