What would you build?


We are in control of what the future looks like….this is why it is so important to CREATE!

I had a great time connecting with other entrepreneurs, just to name a few, Patrick Collison (Stripe), James Heller (Wrapify), 30 under 30 Forbes members, and future ones like myself ; ) at Launch Festival.

Launch Festival is one of the biggest start up festivals in the U.S., this is where Uber raised funding, Paypal launched, *big* 

I got to test and check out some new products IBM and Microsoft are launching as well that will make creating sooooooooooo much easier!

I made some great connections, and I can not wait to create and launch some big things from Sadie Daily Media, so stay tuned. In the meantime, it was great networking, and exchanging info with a lot people needing marketing/media services to grow.

As a marketer it is important to stay on top of trends.  Don’t get left behind, being the last person to jump on the next big thing.

Think outside of the box. Partner with some awesome people. And get those ideas off the couch!








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