The Power of Appreciation



When someone doesn’t say thank you, the first thing a lot of people say is, that person was rude.

Just think back to a time when you did something for someone, i.e. (sent a referral, bought lunch, etc.), and how empowered you felt when the other person was so appreciative.


The same stands true when you are serving your customers/clients in business. When you are nice to your customers, they don’t mind making sure you are taken care of.

Of course some people are going to do things, and not expect anything in return, but going the extra mile, is always appreciated in business.


Even in business the more appreciative you are of feedback, resources, information, the more you are compelled to receive it.


Just think of the Chick-fil-A Model. They are beating out competitors by saying a simple….overlooked at times, please and thank you.


Having the appreciative mindset when approaching business will take you further.

It sounds simple, and normally the small gestures, really make the biggest impact when serving people. In my own personal experiences, I was most likely to go back to a business establishment where people weren’t rude.

Customer Service is one of the most important key fundamentals in having longevity in business.

Even if you have a million people doing your same type of work, you will always have loyal clients because of what sets you apart #quality #thankyou #service. It never goes unnoticed.



Looking back I am so appreciative to have worked in customer service jobs. As an entrepreneur you are 99% of the time doing customer service, though it is the hardest/most important job, it is the best experience you can have to tackle any industry.


Mercedes Allen, Digital Media Consultant

sadie daily marketing media digital

#sadiedaily #wakecreateINSPIRE


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