Figits & Things: 2017 Trend Rundown

wersm-fidget-spinnerFigits have taken over!

They are everywhere. I have seen speakers that are figits, light up figits, and mult-color figits.


Kids use them to focus depending on sensory behavior needs, ex. ADHD, etc.

Just like trends, as adults we do the same thing, i.e.: something interesting comes along, and it keeps our interest, until something else comes up to distract us.

I have compiled a quick run down of some figits/trends as a marketer I have noticed so far in 2017 and these will continue to pop up. So #stayengaged my digital followers! ; )



Marketing Automation 

 Chat bots that talk to you as soon as you land on a page, allow you to feel more engaged, especially when you feel as though a human is communicating, when it really is a <bot> ***beep beep.

Here is an online experience for you:

When you are shopping online, and get to the check out only to stop right before your purchase happens…..

Have you noticed an ad based off of what you were looking at following you around, or did you receive an email encouraging you to go back to the site to finish your purchase??

When you see the familiar ad, or get a personalized message, it taps into your customer experience of attentiveness/awareness, and makes the imagery less foreign/random, and more customized.

If you didn’t feel engaged as a consumer, you probably would forget all about getting those items you left in the cart, especially if you didn’t receive a coupon offer.  



Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

Short Lived Content

Alright, lets go  back to the figits statement earlier about focus. How do you get someone to focus……hmmm

Well judging from our human attention span, which gets shorter, as we advance with technology.

We no longer have the time to wait! We want INSTANT, right now, in the moment coverage, which is why going live is so popular. Thanks to Snap Chat, we really are curious to see content before it disappears.

This key element of urgency cuts through online noise and clutter we often encounter when browsing the internet. We are engaged with Instagram Stories, and have to constantly check these updates, because at any given moment, our chance to watch will not be allowable. 

I like to think of this as a scarcity tactic.

Taking content for granted, causes us to slow poke around reading/watching that article or video. Yet if we know certain messages will be live for a quick second, we have to hurry and watch, and patiently wait for more, which creates a higher demand.




Staying Virtual

Having great visuals that make you feel like you are really experiencing the moment together increases engagement.  Using the 360-camera view angles, as seen on Facebook, provides a 3d reality scope that goes beyond a flat image.

Having interactive content that tells a story will continue to be a trend in 2017.

As we continue to develop new ways to use mobile devices to be anywhere, without moving from our couch, the more you will want to have your online presence  in tact.

So friends lets do a recap: Trends to take note of to add to your plan in 2017 are to stay virtual, go live, create great story telling content, and automate as much of this as possible. If you create it, people will come!


Try these trends in your marketing strategy ; ) &  #stayengaged


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