5 Ways To Get Over Failure

Failure, is almost impossible to avoid. As long as you are trying at this thing called life, you will get rejected, or denied at some point. Yet, having a positive perspective, will help you to see the benefits in failure. Embrace the challenges to come and fail quickly enough to move forward. Failing at something, prepares you for a bigger win, every loss, is really not a losing option, unless you give up.

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Below are a few ways to get over failure as it comes. I know for 2017, it has been a great year, but I can attest to being denied, but by not dwelling on the happenings, I was able to pull through, and find better opportunities. Deciding to wake up, and try again gives you hope, and a promise for better moments to come. Remember the failures add to your story, build your drive, and increases your faith.


  • Focus on the Good

Focusing on how to improve, rather than where you lack/come short, will help you make the necessary change to grow into a better version of yourself.


  • Mind over Matter 

How you think, will determine how your reality is. Change your thoughts of how bad that situation turned out, and remember it could always be worst. “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” ITP_Failure_1024x1024

  • Listen and Learn to Discern

Listening to constructive criticism, and practicing will improve your performance. A person who knows everything, will only limit themselves because of the limited view of seeing things as they are. You are more likely to make the same mistakes repeatedly if you don’t recall the reasoning for the setbacks.


  • Motivate, Don’t Hate

Motivating yourself is one thing, however, doubting, and setting up unrealistic expectations, will cause you to pull your self down. Take value in being “you”, and own up to any failures, as a key part of life. There is no such thing as a perfect life, I mean, we wouldn’t appreciate a win, if we never lost at something.


  •  Let time Prevail, Don’t Dwell

At the end of the day no matter what happened in the past it is irrelevant, today is the present, and a new start. : )

Failure Is Not FINAL

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As long as you live you are going to go through humps. P.S. You have already survived the worst days so far.


“Every adversity plants a seed of equal or greater opportunity.”

*******Above may be a few ways to get over failures, but feel free to share what you do & hashtag below! #wakecreateINSPIRE

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