Positive Stories For Students Heading To College

Grown & Gone: Stories and tips to help students survive their first independent year of college is a great book of real world stories and tips shared by college students and one high school senior. The contributors of this book are very candid as they explain their troubles and triumphs during their undergraduate year.

Happy Student

Mercedes Allen, aka our Sadie Daily, a digital marketing consultant, and blogger gives highlights about her college experience and advice to assist others on the journey ahead. Find out more below:

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Inspiring stories. Real-life tips for High School and College students. This should be a MUST read for high school students to give them the real facts about going to college from students just like them. As a college professor, I wish ALL my students read this book before they started college.


Root of $

I know we all have heard the saying money is the root of all evil. Money is not evil, the love of money is, when used properly money can do a lot of good. In my blog I talk alot about being successful, and there is nothing wrong with having success in business and every facet of our life but we must make sure we are seeking God first, and not success. When you seek God, everything else will follow. As you work on building your brand and business don’t lose sight of who the true way maker is and reason for your success in life. I have graduated college, received a job, started working on business ventures, but I know truly if it was not for grace I would have dropped out, been unemployed, and lost with no vision. It’s not too late, to change focus, and seek God. He wants the best for you!
Peace and Love

A Resolution

What legacy are you leaving behind? Are the things you doing building you up or really bringing you down?Is the crowd you are associating with holding you back or supporting you?As you get older you look at things from a different perspective. It was once all about hanging with the in crowd and being popular to now wanting to just be in something, no matter what it was but finding out who you are and how can you leave your legacy. What is your brand? How are you marketing yourself? I find that being your own person is the best way to go because there is no way someone can be better at being you than….YOU!. Trends never last long, but your reputation will follow you the rest of your life. Can you say that you made a difference, or impacted someone’s life in a positive way? I know that we all want to be go-getters and have a successful, thriving life, but you first must be able to do the small stuff. Being able to be nice to others and make someones day, is  a reward within its self. It take little to no effort, you just have to get in the habit of doing it. Doing things that are going to count. Paying it forward without expecting anything in return. Getting things done, setting goals for yourself, not just long term but those that are reachable, to give yourself motivation. It feels good being able to check things off of the list, I know that New Year’s Resolutions are a little bit late, but its never too late to set goals.

I feel that being an adult goes way beyond saying ‘I am independent and I have this and that.’ Being mature and an adult is not necessarily based on having alot of responsibilities, but about how you hold yourself accountable and handle responsibilities. For example just because you have a child does not make you responsible, it teaches you how to grow up, but taking accountability for that child is another thing. It is having the willpower to not make an excuse for stuff not getting done, when you have the same 24hrs everyone else is given, but stating to yourself I am going to make sure that this gets handled. I find that as I am growing into a mature responsible woman, my being busy or having priorities does not make me an adult, my taking responsibility and holding myself accountable for my actions does. I remember when it felt so easy to make excuses and be perfectly ok with it until I realized that excuses do not solve anything, and really do not explain a reason to why you did not do something. Owning up to responsibilities and recognizing sometimes we have to blame ourselves and accept it, and move on. It’s a waste of time trying to figure out a reason as explaining why, because if you really want to do something…depending on how high up it is on your list of priorities you will do it!

When you know better you do better (cliche` but true). Yeah when you are younger you really don’t understand and know why you do the things you do, but as you get older you push through so much because you want a better life for yourself, and the next generation. I feel that we are more motivated to get things done when we hold ourselves accountable. Think about situations that you are facing now, ask yourself if you will be affected by these decisions ten years from now, or if then will it even matter. A lot of times we spend time stressing and worrying about a problem  that will not even matter tomorrow. Focus on how you can improve 2013 and be more accountable for what you say (keeping your word)as well as your actions. Even if you are not caring, others are watching you and those references from someone for a job will come in handy soon.

Stay Calm and Be Responsible

Move Forward…If you make a mistake don’t waste time making an excuse….Just keep going and learn from it


and I approve of this Blog Post!

Well What Do You Know…..

I remember last semester I was talking to my co-worker who is a Biological Engineering Major in Graduate School about what he plans on doing after he finishes.  He responds that he is going to be in debt and that alot of places he has gone to say that he is overqualified, for the pay they are willing to give. I feel that it is up to the person to decide whether or not they choose to pursue a job after they graduate from undergrad or apply to grad school, neither of these choices are bad options, just depends on what you feel is best for you. If the opportunity comes for you to go to grad school now versus later most will choose now, because they know they probably will not go back later. Some people figure that they need a break after college, and choose to start working.

Often times it seems that everybody has a different take on whether they would choose to go to grad school or work.It is hard/stressful trying to look for a job when you graduate. I feel that education will point you in the right direction, help you to figure out what you enjoy, and it allows you the opportunity to meet the people who can get you in a position. Yet it does not matter I feel if you graduated with a degree in Engineering you still have the chance of being unemployed because today it is not about what you know but who you know. People are quicker to hire based off of personal reasons whether than how talented and smart you are though that helps out alot.

Its who you know that gets your foot in the door, yet it is what you know that will help you to stay in. What are you bringing to the table?… Do not insist that you need a degree to perform, your degree ensures the employer that you are capable. Networking and connecting with people allows you the opportunity to sell yourself and land the job of your dreams. You will learn how to work effectively  through on the job experience.

If you know what you want to do, shadow someone in the field, find a mentor, and figure out what it takes to get to where you want to be.

I am willing to work hard now and do what I have to do so that when I graduate I can do what I want to do.

Have a great weekend everyone! & Remember to keep God 1st